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Guala is the main antagonist in the Hello Kitty episode, "The Sleeping Princess".

Role in the episode

Guala (Gora in the Japanese version) is the demonic keeper of Guala's Pond, a forbidden place where wish can come true but it would come at a very high price. The Gold Crown Family, the rulers of a magical place called Evergreen forest with the magic of the Golden Crown with the power to determine the life of the forest were desperate for children to pass the crown to and find happiness, they went to the pond and asked for children. And Guala would grant it and gave them two children, but for the price of that, before the third year, they must bring one of them back and the child would belong to the pond. Later that year, the wish came true for the King and Queen had two children, a girl named Sarah (Flora in the Japanese version) and a boy named Alexander (Robin in the Japanese version). They were overjoyed the kingdom prospored like never before, they even forgot about Guala for a while, until a strange birthmark magically appeared on the babies, the Guala Lilly, that's when they remembered the terrible bargain they made. They couldn't bare too give up their children, they tried to outsmart him. Right before the third year, even though the king and queen did their best and Sarah and Alexander were best of friends, a strange mouse appeared. And like all children they were curious, and one of them, Alexander did managed to follow the mouse. It led him to Guala's Pond, Guala managed to erased of Alexander's memories and kidnapped him, Guala had won. To make he wouldn't remember his past, Guala turned poor Alexander into an evil vulture named Zalard and serve Guala. And he managed to steal the Gold Crown from Sarah and the Forest became miserable and lifeless and Sarah fell asleep in depression. But when Kitty and Mimi who read the story and were invited to Sarah's birthday managed to discover that Zalard was Alexander by the birthmark. When Zalard gave the crown to Kitty and Mimi who gave it back to Sarah, the forest became happy again and Guala' powers were getting destroyed and Zalard turned back into Alexander. It was presumed when Sarah got the crown back, Guala was destroyed forever but no one knows for sure. However, his death was actually shown in the Japanese dub version, showing him destroyed by the crown's power.


  • His Japanese voice is done by the late Kenji Utsumi.
  • His English voice is done by Harvey Atkin.