Gruzzlebeard is the main antagonist from The Secret World Of Santa Claus.

He is an evil Santa who like to punish kids, and also want to destroy Christmas, he have a elf assistant named Dudley, but some times he do not thank him for all the good jobs he is done. Because he's force Dudley to work hard every time, but in a episode Gruzzlebeard seem to redeemed himself, but also stay in antagonist way in other episode, because like he said he is a villain, and do not like Santa to get in his way. But he failed everytime to get ride of him, because none of his plans work, and refuse to give up, because he said someday he will get ride of Santa Claus and his elfs. Same if it was the last thing he does, but he's defeated all long of the episodes of the series, and did get the punishment he really deserved.