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For the 2011 incarnation, please see Grune (2011).

Grune was a male Thunderian in the 1985 version of the Thundercats television series who later turned to evil.

As a young man he was a Thundercat, with all the enhanced skills that go with that title. His Great-Grandfather once served as Lord of the Thundercats. Grune was at one time a good friend of Jaga, and the two fought side by side.

Unfortunately Grune had ambition and a lust for power that corrupted his heart and turned him into a force for evil. He came to view the Thunderian populace as being unworthy of the services of the Thundercats, and became determined to rule them as a God.

Grune and his forces attempted a military coup, however they were met by Jaga. The two former friends fought for hours. Eventually the former Thundercat was defeated. As punishment he was exiled from Thundera in a crystal vessel.

The crystal vessel eventually made its way to Third Earth. Grune proceeded to terrorize the natives, who named him Grune the Destroyer. Eventually Grune died and became a spirit.

Upon discovering the Thundercats living on Third Earth, he became their most lethal enemy – an ethereal, ghostly force who cannot be harmed by physical assault. Grune attacked the Thundercats with but one goal in mind: vengeance, against the Thunderian race in general and in particular his old friend, now an ancient enemy, the spirit form of Jaga the Wise.

Grune the Destroyer

Grune on Thundera

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