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~ Grundel
Fairy Prince? No! You killed him!
~ Grundel's last words

Grundel Toad (simply known as Grundel) is the main antagonist of Don Bluth's 1994 animated film, Thumbelina

He was voiced by the late Irish actor, Joe Lynch.

Role in the film

Grundel plots to capture and marry Thumbelina and defeat his three other competitors for her affections: Berkeley Beetle (whom he pulls the wings off of to make sure he helped find her), Mr. Mole, and The Fairy Prince Cornelius.

In the climax, Grundel fights Cornelius with a torch. Grundel knocks him out and disarms him, but Cornelius grabs his leg and they both fall through the chasm in Mr. Mole's tunnel.

In the credits, he is seen in the book having survived the fall and married to a female toad.



  • In one book, Grundel and Berkeley are shown to have fought Cornelius, until they give up and run away. This is different from the movie, in which the toad bashes the beetle's head in, and eventually tumbles off the tunnel bridge to his doom, taking the prince with him.

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