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I hope I'm not disturbing you.
~ Grumper
Was it supposed to do that?
~ Grumper's last words
Grumper is an aristocrat who betrayed Princess Oriana and aided in the Duke of Zill's plans of taking over the magic world of Oriana and he is a minor villain in Felix the Cat: The Movie.

Minister Grumper who serves within the Orianian aristocracy, was originally a scientist by his former alias Professor Grumper, and that he once worked with another scientist, a selfish uncle of Princess Oriana who despised her father and fed up with his peaceful rule. Professor Grumper and his partner survived the explosion in an accident while they were working on robotic machines capable of manuel labor called Cylinders. Grumper was very lucky since he was the one who helped the Duke invade the Kingdom of Oriana.

It's unknown what became of Grumper afterwards.



  • He was voiced by Chris Phillips who also voiced Felix the Cat and the Professor.

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