Not too shabby, Gonzales! You got showmanship, an' that's GOLD in this biz! But this here battle's just gettin' started! It's time I showed you some real moves! Back in the day, I had so many rump–kickin' moves, they had to make some illegal
~ Grubba

Grubba is a boss character who just so happens to be in possession of one of the Crystal Stars in the video game Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. He is the main antagonist of Chapter 3.


Grubba ran a wrestling pit known as the "Glitz Pit" in a fancy town floating above the clouds called Glitzville that accommodated fighters from all over. The middle of the arena held one his most horrific secrets, however, as it was that Grubba was actually stealing the souls of his top fighters. No one seemed to suspect him except for his assistant, Jolene, an elder sister Toad of one of the original champs named Prince Mush. When Mario found out about Grubba's horrendous secret, Grubba brought out his soul-stealing machine which happened to have a Crystal Star as its fuel source. He revealed that the machine was being used to keep him looking young forever. Prince Mush had been one of his first victims it turned out. He then used the machine to become Macho Grubba, a powerful version of Grubba.

Macho Grubba

Macho Grubba is an ultra-charged version of Grubba, formed through Grubba's soul-stealing machine. He is the final boss of Chapter 3 and is capable of reviving himself several times during battle. Mario and friends eventually managed to take him down and the original champion, Prince Mush, emerged from the machine and reunited with his sister (and Grubba's former secretary), Jolene. Mario was then given the third Crystal Star by Jolene, who later took over the Glitz Pit in place of Grubba. It is unknown what happened to Grubba afterwards.


  • Grubba is similar to Lots-O' Huggin' Bear from Toy Story 3:
    • Both are seen as nice but weak leaders for the place they rule over at first, but later show that they have a different nature.
    • Both have background stories the people watching/playing are supposed to sympathize with, but fail after everything they have done.
    • Both love taking advantage of those who work for them.
  • Grubba is similar to Hugo Strange from Gotham:
    • Both are rich businessmen
    • Both are seemingly collected but weak officials, but later show that they are truly very evil
    • While Grubba does have the power to transform into a mightier form, both of them are very weak in terms of fighting.
    • Both seek immortality
    • Both try to hide their true nature
  • He interestingly has a similar backstory to the main wrestler he sucked the power off, Prince Mush. Both started out as poor but after becoming big in the wrestling industry they started becoming famous and rich. Though, while Mush never got greedy and started supporting his family, Grubba got greedy instantly and started killing people because he wanted to become immortal.
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