Grrkek, also known as the Planet Killer, is an alien criminal and a villain in Megas XLR.


He destroyed many planets without remorse and cares for pain and misery. Grrkek was later imprisoned into a cartridge for eternity and remained there for several years with other cruel criminals.

Millions of years later, he and the other criminals were released when Coop mistaken the cartridge prison for a video game. After he was release, Grrkek began rampaging Earth and fought Coop. Coop shooted lasers at Grrkek which cocooned him. As Coop fought the other aliens, Grrkek emerge from the cocoon and grew bigger and stronger. Grrkek felt stronger than before and starts to destroy Earth and would later destroy other planets.

Coop tries to fight him but Grrhek's size was too big for Megas to break. Grrhek's nuclear fussion bomb begins to grow and grow but it was disintergrated when a water wave caused by Coop washed up Grrhek and shrinking him. Coop decides to put Grrhek into a video game cartridge, imprisoning him.

Powers and Abilities

Grrkek generates energy orbs

Grrkek generates two energy orbs

Grrkek has super-strength that rivals Megas when he released from his prison but he later became stronger when he grows. Grrkek can also power a nuclear fusion orb that can destroy a planet and has the ability to size-shift. He also proved himself difficult against Coop. His weakness is a huge water flood since it can put out his orbs and can shrink him. He is possibly the most powerful villain in Megas XLR.


  • He was voiced by Beau Billingslea.