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A fact is that they like breaking the galactic code.

Being useful to the Grox is good for your survival.
~ The Grox

The Grox are a race of small cyborg aliens that live near the center of the Spore Galaxy. They control 2400 stars and 5000 T0 planets, making them one of the largest evil empires. They are the most powerful empire in the galaxy and are the main antagonists of the 2008 Maxis game, Spore. They are very aggressive and it is hard for the player to ally with them. That makes it extremely easy to get into the galactic core, but it gives every other empire a big relation boost. The player must pass them in order to reach the galaxy's core and win the game.


A Grox ship.

The Grox are known as the most evil and hostile beings of the entire Spore universe. They destroy entire empires and even innocent creatures without visible reasons and have extremely powerful ships.


  • The Grox make many references to human objects, suggesting that they might be of human origin. The same is true for Steve, except that he isn't evil.
  • The Grox are physically frail as they have weak body parts.
  • Grox colonies, like every city, have an anthem. It starts with a long static sound, and later someone is singing.
  • There are many speculations why the Grox are around the core and who Steve really is.
  • Allying with the Grox will cause one to instantly get a negative diplomatic score of 200 with any other empire in the galaxy. This is because the Grox are feared and hated beings across the whole galaxy.
  • Interestingly enough, they cannot survive on any planet with a terrascore of 1 or higher. Therefore, terraforming any of their planets to T1 will exterminate them.

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