Alright, who's next?!
~ Grover

Grover Dill is the secondary antagonist of A Christmas Story. He is Scut Farkus' right-hand man who assists Scut in bullying Ralphie and his friends.

He was played by Yano Anaya.


He first appeared with Scut picking on Ralphie and his friends. He chased them back to Farkus, who made Schwartz say Uncle. Grover yelled and scared them off. He gave Scut Farkus a playful punch, only to get punched back hard.

Later on, he chases Ralphie and his friends before and after school. He is later shown chasing them again two more times. He follows them to school and Scut Farkus scares them. Grover demands that Ralphie come over to them, but he runs away. Grover then tells Flick to come, and he does and his arm is twisted until he says Uncle several times. Later on, Flick is shown again with a black eye, so Grover Dill and Scut Farkus probably beat him up.

After school Scut Farkus, or Grover, hits Ralphie with a snowball and mock him in revenge for disobeying them and running away earlier. Ralphie, upset at getting a C+ on his homework assignment, finally snaps and knocks Scut Farkus to the ground and pounds on him while yelling profanities. Grover is surprised and tries to stop him, but is punched in the stomach and knocked over and Ralphie continues the beating. Grover runs away saying he will call his dad. However he makes no more appearances in the film and his fate remains unknown after this. It can be implied that his parents must've found out about it and got punished and learned his lesson.

My Summer Story (Or It Run in The Family)

It seem Grover become the top bully since Scut lose his dignity has bully, he still one of the antagonist of the film.


  • It is possible that he became Scut Farkus' assistant in order to avoid being bullied by Scut Farkus himself.
  • In the original draft of the script, Grover Dill was going to be the lead bully with Scut Farkus as his right-hand man. This means that Grover Dill would have been the main antagonist of the film.
  • He is Yano Anaya's first film role. Like how Scut Farkus is Zack Ward's first film role.