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Grotesk, AKA, Prince Gor-Tok II, is a Marvel Comics villain and an enemy towards Thor, the X-Men, and the Avengers.


In the land of Subterraneans, there was a tribe known as he Gor-Tokian. The Gor-Tokians once had a great thriving metropolis that spread throughout endless caverns below the planet Earth's surface. They had fought many wars, the results of which burst mountains asunder, and even created volcanoes. One day theGor-Tokians were gathered in a preparation for an attack on the surface world. But when a vast explosion that was caused by the humans’ nuclear testing happened, the invasion interrupted them. As a result, thousands of the Gor-Tokians were killed. Prince Gor-Tok II took charge of the few remaining survivors, but they soon died of radiation poison. The last one to die from the radiation, was his princess Ingar. However the radiation transformed him and he swore to find a way to destroy the outer world even if it meant dying in the process.

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