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Gordi Kramer

Grodi Kramer is a minor antagonist in the video game; Heavy Rain. He's the son of Charles Kramer and was later reveals that he's a copycat of the Origami Killer.


While Gordi may be an adult, he has a mental illness that gives him a child-ish attitude. Some excamples is watching cartoons instead of talking to peolpe during a party. This mental illness lead him to kill a young boy by drowning him in rain water because he thought it was fun.


When Scott Shelby had a hunch that Grodi Kramer was the Origami Killer, he went to Kramer's mansion to ask a few questions. When Shelby find Gordi, he see him watching a cartoon. When Shelby asked a few questions, Gordi, at first, showed no intrest and instead continued watching his cartoons. Eventually, Gordi told Shelby that he killed the boy named Joseph Brown because it was fun. Tired of answering anymore questions, Gordi told his body guards to get rid of Shelby. If Shelby knocks out both body guards Gordi is watching gleefully. After the fight with the body guards, Gordi warned Scott that if he tell his father, Shebly wouldn't be alive to see tomorrow.

Later on Shelby confronted Grodi's father; Charles. Charles told him that Grodi isn't the real Origami Killer, but instead a copycat. He only killed Joesph Brown and not the other boys. He also said that Grodi didn't want to kill the boy but he accidentily drowned him, when he was underwater for too long. What happened to Gordi is unknown.

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