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Grocer is the main antagonist of the 1992 film Grosse Pointe Blank. He is played by Dan Akroyd.

Grocer is a freelance contract killer and the arch-rival of the protagonist Martin Blank, who is also a freelance killer. Grocer has big plans to unionize the contract killing trade, and wants Blank to be in on the deal because of his impressive reputation. Preferring the lifestyle and image of a "lone wolf" gunman, and due to his inherent mistrust of the psychotic Grocer, Blank refuses to join the union. Grocer continually tries to convince Blank to join using various tactics, including coercion. He also collaborates with a pair of government agents looking to arrest Blank, possibly as a contingency plan against Blank's refusal—he doesn't want competition with his union, and would rather see Blank dead than have him not join the club. Grocer is eventually killed while trying to steal Blank's latest contract, whose daughter Blank has fallen in love with.

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