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The Grither' is a monster that appears in Tales from the Darksides third season festive horror tale, "Season of Belief". Similar to the Krampus, it is said to be a child-eating monster and used as a bogeyman by a couple of parents to scare their unsuspecting children, ending in a terrifying case of karma.

Brief History

The Grither is originally made up to be a purely fictional monster made up by a couple to scare their children during Christmas Eve. The pair take delight in stirring the imagination of said children and even devise a gruesome song about the Grither and describe it as a child-eating bogeyman that will come whenever someone speaks its name and eat the children while killing any that get in its way.


After numerous false alarms, the parents get a shocking case of karma when they are violently attacked by the Grither and killed in front of their children, whom they had been tormenting - in effect being killed by the very bogeyman they had been using to scare their children with.


"Oh, I am the Grither

You cannot escape me, <p style="font-weight:normal;">For pleading is useless

And so are your prayers

The Grither is greedy,

For only one thing,

To keep you from taking

To keep you from taking

To keep you from taking

His name in vain."