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Grisor is an evil mamodo from the anime Zatch Bell.


Grisor is the mamodo who can use fire and magma. His partner is a mad scientist who was fired in the Institute, he tricks Zatch, Kiyo, Nya, and Shion into helping him find the three pieces of the magic mirror and burns Nya's book. He uses Gigano Faidoruk to turn into a red fire monster to block Zatch's Baou Zakeruga, and the magic mirror breaks as he gets hit as he was sent back to the mamodo world saying, "This is impossible!"

Powers and Abilities

Grisor can shoot fire out of his finger with his weakling self, uses the second spell when he turns into a giant monster who lets out an evil laugh. He can use magma spells to trap Zatch and Kiyo which fireballs attack him.