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"There's a boss at the end of this tunnel, you can't hurt him with your weapons, to kill him you have to burn the rope above"
~ YHTBTR beginning tunnel

The Grinning Colossus is the main villain in the online game sensation "You Have to Burn the Rope". He is a large black rounded square that fires laser circles out of his eyes.

Beating it

To beat the Grinning Colossus you have to go through a tunnel, jump up to the ceiling while grabbing a torch off the wall, jump to the chandelier and burn the rope to have it fall on him and kill him. Your weapons can hurt him, but he regenerates health, and his lasers can't kill you. So, basically you have to burn the rope.

However, with every game comes someone claiming to beat the boss in the most epic way possible, a way that is also nearly impossible to do. Even a game as simple, or hard if you don't attention to the title, as YHTBTR has such a claim. The axe defeat, you know, what the game itself says is impossible. That doesn't stop people however, as the guy in the video below attempted such a feat, going so far as to hack the game, and yet, in the end, he still had to burn the rope.

Burn the rope axe defeat

Burn the rope axe defeat

The battle between the Hero and the Colossus, with Axes and Hacking


After you beat the game the creator added a 5 minute song singing your praises on how you beat him. The song is below.

First Verse:


You managed to kill that boss, you see...

The Grinning Colossus.

You're the hero we all wish we could be!

You made it through The Tunnel.

Then you grabbed that Fire on The Wall!

You jumped up above him.

Then you burned The Rope and save us all.

You burned The Rope and saved us all.

You burned The Rope and saved us...


Now you're a Hero.

You managed to beat the whole damn game.

We're happy you made it.

But how are you going to spend the rest of this day?

Maybe watch a video.

Maybe press refresh and start again.


Second Verse:

Yes it's over now.

We didn't want to make a longer game.

This is it, I swear it's true.

Ooo Ooo


Death vs. Monstars

"This time you will not get away with just burning a rope. This time you will not survive."
~ Death vs. Monstars "Showdown" description

The Grinning Colossus makes an appearance at the end of this game as the final boss. He is still a large black rounded square but his corners are slightly more pointed. As the quote implies, the developers ramped up the Colossus' strength. But before you can reach him you must take out an army of his minions. Once you have done that than you must deplete his health bar, which is bigger than the last game. There is no song for defeating him in this game.

Death vs monstars

The Grinning Colossus takes his anger out on Death after his terrible loss to you.