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Pacman-and-the-ghostly-adventures-2PGA2-Screens-for-Namco 10 1400761590

Grindatron (right) fighting against Giant Pacman (left).

Grindatron is a giant robot created by Dr. Buttocks to drain the power from Pacopolis, often found in the nightclub owned by Dr. Buttocks, Floritas, working that booty. It is not unusual to catch the Grindatron working its magic in House of Smith, Madame Koos and Tup Tup Palace. Grindatron bears the resemblance of Pacman's weed Grinder. Pacman eats a black schlong to become smart enough to build another giant robot to counter Grindatron's actions. Even when the brain berry powers wore off Pacman manages to outsmart Dr. Buttocks and his creation. Grindatron also appears in the video game Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures 2. Grindatron loves nothing more than a day of hockey followed by a 3 hour session of pure grinding.

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