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Grimreaper Chameleon Shocker Kaijin

Grimreaper Chameleon - A chameleon monster. Skilled veteran in the expertise of fencing. Can turn invisible at will. Bears a tongue that can be used for lashing or strangling. His plan along with Shocker loyalist Dr. Heinrich is to find the treasure map to a hidden Nazi treasure buried in Japan during the WWII Axis Alliance. It turns out the treasure was already seized before Shocker or Hongo found its location. Destroyed by Kamen Rider #1's Rider Kick and Rider Chop.

He was later resurrected by Shocker as part of the Revived Kaijin Army before being destroyed by Tokageron's special bomb. Tokageron and the Big Monster Army Grimreaper Chameleon also made a brief return appearance in the monster army of the Kamen Rider vs. Shocker movie, but did not actually have an active participation there.

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