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Resurrection. Achievement. And revenge.
~ Grimm Reaper

The Grimm Reaper is the psychopathic main character in the Slasher series of films. he wears a mask of crome plastic fixed up by The Golden Eye Factory. Grimm Reaper is named after the personification of death itself. The Grimm Reaper who takes his dead victims to hell to worship The Devil.

Originally, Grimm Reaper was the infamous serial killer known as The Greensville Massacre, Wayne Shadow, who was shot to death and killed by The Swat Police Station in 1988 but managed to keep his legacy alive by his three upcoming killers Ashley Loomis, Jesse Walker, and Snake Bride. who start up a new string of murders in the town of Greensville in October 2013. well going after thier main target Nikki Limo by killing all of her friends and family or anyone close to her. they use a pro hunting knife to murder thier victims


Grimm Reaper's mask looks all white brand new just bought. Grimm Reaper's killers

Ashley Loomis - She fakes her death in the begining so know one suspects shes a killer, Nikki Stabs Her To Death With A Machette

Jesse Walker - You only see him in the bus scene but never see him again in the movie until the last scene so know one suspects him as a killer, Zane Shoots Him In The Head

Snake Bride - After Nikki and Zane kill Ashley and Jesse. Sasha finds out thiers a third killer. Snake Bride shows him self in the burning corn field as the son of Wayne Shadow, The Greensville Massacre, Nikki and Sasha Burn Him To Death


Slasher's Movie Poster...


Grimm Reaper in (Slasher)

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