Grimm Jim

Grimm Jim

I'm gonna aim towards your head!
~ Grimm Jim as he faces Bulletproof Jackson and prepares to shoot him.

Grimm Jim is the main antagonist of the 2013 Zeno Mountain Farm film Bulletproof. He is a menacing gang leader who terrorizes the town of Coal Junction.

He was portrayed by Zac Gottsagen.


A group of settlers arrive in Coal Junction for a better life. Suddenly, Grimm Jim, leader of the dreaded Reaper Gang, arrives and takes over the neighborhood. In the process, he kills the owner of the town saloon, who is also Judy the barmaid's husband. Because of that, Grimm holds the saloon and Coal Junction under his thumb.

When Earl Jackson, a traveling magician, arrives and unexpectedly becomes Bulletproof Jackson after defeating Grimm's henchmen, Grimm has a score to settle with him. The two of them play cards for the saloon, and Bulletproof wins. In a fit of rage, Grimm shoots poor old drunk George and kidnaps Bulletproof's girlfriend Ashley.

Bulletproof, realizing that he has to face reality, challenges the powerful villain to a showdown. The two of them face each other and fire their pistols. Whereas Grimm's bullet penetrates Bulletproof's hat, Bulletproof shoots him in the forehead, killing him.

With Grimm defeated, Bulletproof is hailed a hero and Ashley returns to him.



  • Grimm Jim is probably the most wicked of all the Zeno Mountain Farm villains.