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The Griffon is the secondary boss in the video game, Tank! Tank! Tank!. It resembles a giant golden phoenix-like monster with four wings and four talons.


The Griffon can spew fire from it's mouth, shoot multiple golden feathers, and grab a tank by the bill in an attempt to burn it to a crisp.

Role in the video game

The Griffon first appeared where it attacked a nearby valley, where the tanks are sent to stop it. The huge phoenix bird put up a good fight against the tanks. After a long and grueling battle, the Griffon was defeated, being exploded to pieces.

The Griffon returned along with several Rapa Nuis in the level "Luminus Sky". After the Rapa Nuis were destroyed, the Griffon returned to the valley seek revenge on the tanks for it previous defeat. Once again, the Griffon was destroyed for good.

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