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It all looks so different from down here.
~ Griffin

The Griffin (also known as Ruber's Griffin) is the secondary antagonist of Warner Brothers' 1998 animated feature film, Quest for Camelot. He is Ruber's pet and second-in-command.

He was voiced by Bronson Pinchot, who also played Craig Toomey in The Langoliers.


The Griffin is a scary, uncaring, mysterious, bloodthirsty, aggressive, and dangerous creature who helps Ruber recover the sword, Excalibur. He is truly ominous, menacing, deceptive, and threatening towards many victims such as Arthur when the Griffin steals Excalibur and wounds the King, but the Griffin can face difficulties with Ayden, when the falcon makes him lose the sword in the forest and the way that Ayden attacks him. Ruber often calls him out for his nonsensical stupidity, especially when the Griffin reveals that he lost the sword in the forest. The Griffin does mind his manners whilst eating dragon meat, and when he grabs Ayden before planning to eat him, he is then overpowered by Devon and Cornwall by breathing fire, which the Griffin doesn't appreciate and flies off to escape their attacks.

Role in the film

His goal is to get Excalibur for his master. The Griffin was attacked by a silver-winged falcon named Ayden while he was trying to deliver the sword to Ruber. Because of this, the sword ends up being dropped into the Forbidden Forest, and Ruber angrily beats the Griffin up after learning of this. Ruber then orders the Griffin to lead him and his minions to find Excalibur.

During the course of the film, the Griffin aids Ruber and his men into following the heroes through the Forbidden Forest until Ruber finally got hold of Excalibur. In the climax of the film, as Ruber leads his men into attacking Camelot, the Griffin is shown fighting against Ayden, only this time, the Griffin immediately manages to grab hold of the falcon, planning to eat him up. However, the two-headed dragon, Devon and Cornwall, uses their fire-breathing ability to stop the Griffin and save Ayden. The Griffin would later flee as he gets repeatedly burned by Devon and Cornwall. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, as he was presumably burned to death.


The Griffin is a large brown mythological creature with glowing green eyes, his wings and his head are black, and his beak is orange with a golden-yellow tip, his eyelids, his front wingsides, and his inner ears are purple.


  • The Griffin is based on the legendary hybrid creature of classical Greek mythology with the same name.


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