Griffin (also known as Lord Oscric) is the main antagonist of Dragonheart: A New Beginning.

He was both voiced and portrayed by the British-American actor, Harry Van Gorkum.


Griffin presumably fled during twelve years of dragon-slaying. He plotted a rebellion against mankind, and planned to rule the world. However, none of the other dragons agreed to follow him. After killing many humans, Griffin was captured by the dragon council, and as punishment for his crimes, his heart was removed and he was cursed to live as a man (the form he hates most). Griffin was then exiled and he took a new alias: Lord Oscric of Crossley.

When, at the castle, Oscric recognizes a familiar box. Master Kwan, the elder Chinese, then recognizes Oscric's true identity and orders the amulet burned. Oscric recovers the box and discovers his lost heart. Out of revenge for his ancestor's slaying of the dragons, Oscric throws a knife at Lian, Master Kwan's companion, but Kwan intervenes and dies.

After reclaiming his heart, Griffin resumed his dragon form in front of the King's entire court. He attempted to persuade Drake to join him, but the younger dragon refused and challenged Griffin. Griffin quickly gained the upper hand and nearly killed Drake, but Drake wounded him with the blades in the tip of his tail, and Geoff threw a sword at Griffin. Enraged, Griffin prepared to attack again. However, Drake sent a blast of ice breath at the evil dragon, freezing him solid. The frozen Griffin fell to the ground and shattered into hundreds of pieces. Unfortunately, one of the ice shards hit Geoff in the heart and killed him, but Drake used his heart to revive his friend.