In Mad magazine No. 73 (Sept. 1962), the strip was renamed Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy, as it was the debut of a third spy, Grey Spy (or the "Woman in Grey"). Grey Spy only appeared sporadically, but always triumphed, using the infatuation of Black Spy and White Spy to her advantage. Prohías stated "The lady Spy represented neutrality. She would decide for White Spy or Black Spy, and she also added some balance and variety to the basic 'Spy vs. Spy' formula." Grey Spy's last appearance in the magazine comics under Prohías was Mad magazine #99 (Dec. 1965); she did not appear again until Bob Clarke and Duck Edwing took over the strip. The leaders of Black Spy and White Spy's respective nations, barrel-chested, medal-decorated dictators, also occasionally appeared.