The Grey Smurfs are the negative duplicates of the Smurfs who appeared in the comic book, The Smurf Menace. The Gray Smurfs were so named due to the darker tone of the Smurf clothes they wear.

At first, the discovery of these duplicates was purely by accident of some normal Smurfs wandering in the forest. The normal Smurfs tried to be friends with the Gray Smurfs, but the Gray Smurfs are more interested in subjugating the normal Smurfs and using them as slaves. As war broke out between the two groups of Smurfs and the normal Smurfs becoming captives of Gray Smurfs, Papa Smurf revealed the nature of Gray Smurfs: They were revealed to be created by Papa Smurf as a means to get his little Smurfs to stop fighting with each other.

However, as Gray Smurfs now prove to be a threat that must be dealt with, Papa Smurf and his little Smurfs must work with each other to make Gray Smurfs disappear for good. After Gray Smurfs successfully disappeared, the normal Smurfs return to their village.

Notable Members

Great Chief

The Great Chief was the negative duplicate of Papa Smurf who takes care of the Smurfs, but this negative counterpart has a plan to enslave the Smurf Village into making the Smurfs their prisoners.

Grey Smurfette

Grey Smurfette is the evil counterpart of Smurfette> she has the black hair instead of blonde hair.

Grey Brainy Smurf

Grey Brainy Smurf is the negative counterpart of Brainy Smurf. He is nasty, doing bad things, and tries to steal Brainy Smurf's job.

Grey Greedy Smurf

Grey Greedy Smurf looks like Greedy Smurf. He eats a cake instead of Greedy Smurf.

Grey Jokey Smurf

Grey Jokey Smurf has a boxing glove in his surprises instead of explosives.

Grey Handy Smurf

He acts like Handy Smurf, but does bad things in the buildings.