Grey Smurfette is a villainess and a character who appeared in the comic book, The Smurf Menace. She was known to be an evil counterpart of Smurfette who accompanied the Great Chief to the party that the Smurfs invited the Grey Smurfs to attend. She taunted her good counterpart into having a fight with her, but she was stopped by Papa Smurf. In the end, the Grey Smurfs including Grey Smurfette disappeared, revealed to be a creation of Papa Smurf who used his magic to create evil duplicates to get the Smurfs to stop fighting with each other. The Grey Smurfette has black hair instead of blond hair and is different from her good counterpart.

Comic Book

Grey Smurfette looks like the good counterpart Smurfette, but has black hair and wears a grey hat with a grey dress.