Grey as he appears in-game

Grey is one of the main villains in the indie platformer videogame Thomas Was Alone. Grey is the only villainous playable AI in the game. Grey is a tall, light grey rectangle who is much taller than he is wide. He bares striking resemblance to John as he is John's second generation version.


Grey possesses a power hungry attitude and is willing to use anyone and everyone in order to achieve his means, even his former friend Paul. He is very desceptive, as shown by how quickly he lies to Jo and Sam. What helps him to sell his lies is that he is also a very good actor when it comes to displaying false emotions, much like John before him.


Grey gain consciousness shortly after Thomas and the other architects sacrifice themselves to rework their world. He is one of many AI's who gain consciousness at this time. He meets the AI Paul and they become friends, helping each other as they move through the matrix and figure out the new aspects of tgeir world.


Grey eventually learns about a way to escape from the matrix. He soon begins to hunger for it and Paul notices this shift in his friend. Grey meets a couple, Jo and Sam and he lies to them, conving them that he "lost some friends" and needs help finding them. He uses them to get closer to escaping, despite Paul's warnings to them.


Grey uses everyone he meets, even though Paul tries to warn them. Grey gets closer and closer to his goal, but he is eventually "eaten" by the Pixel Cloud and only Jo and Sam move on to escape in the course of the game.