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Gretchen 2

Gretchen Palmer is the Main Antagonist on The Wedding Ringer. She is judgmental and mean. Half of the times, she does not want to marry Doug. She is marrying him for the wrong reasons. She was quite suspicious his best man Bic Mitchum and that he is not a priest or a military man that Doug made up. She still wanted go through with this wedding and Doug heard her talking to Bic that she doesn't love Doug and the only reason why she is marrying him because he is safe and wants to settle down with. Doug decided to confess and tell everyone the wedding is fake and Bic is not a priest. Doug told Gretchen that her knight and her true love is somewhere out their. Maybe she should marry a hot guy who is a jerk and perfect groom she should marry. Gretchen was miserable about her wedding being ruined.

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