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Welcome to my castle. I am Greta Von Gruesome. Cruel ruler of Zuchania, scourge of Bumblyburg, stealer of yodelers, and snappy dresser.
~ Greta Von Gruesome introducing herself

Greta Von Gruesome (also known as The Yodelnapper) is one of the main antagonists in the Larryboy franchise. She is a German (though she says she heralds from the land of Zuchinia) zucchini cyboric warlord with fingers that shoot electric sparks. She was formerly a tele-marketer. (Though, she may have been joking). She also has a huge collection of Hula Dolls. She appeared in both the episodes and the books of The Yodelnapper and The Good, the Bad, and the Eggly.

She is currently in jail with Awful Alvin and his sidekick, Lampy.


  • She was voiced by Shari Belgeau.
  • She is the only main villainess in Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures.

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