Lord Grenville is the older brother of Lord Gromgard and Gerda and one of the main antagonists in Overlord: Dark Legend. He was left in charge of taking care of his younger brother when his father, the Duke left on a quest to restore the country's glory. Grenville abuses and neglects his younger brother. He sides with Erasmus and the elves and aids them to take over Greenville. He and Erasmus use the green minions to create an army of Flytraps to invade Greenville.

Lord Gromgard tries to get the elves and the dwarves to fight each other so he can put an end to their invasion. Grenville thought Erasmus was killed by the dwarves and becomes the new leader of the elves. Grenville later declares war on the dwarves. After a while, Grenville and his sister began arguing that other start the fight. They later went to Castle Gromgard to claim the throne but they didn't expect their brother Lord Gromgard. Gromgard made Grenville his servant as punishment for the years of abuse.