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The Gremlin was a dangerous dragon-like monster that appears in "A Creature was Stirring". Timmy Morgan wakes up on Christmas morning, to find loads of presents under the Christmas tree. Timmy's older siblings Mark and Becky are very unhappy with their presents, however, Timmy is very happy with the nice presents that Santa got him, suitable for his age. Unknown to the kids, their parents are planning to get a divorce. Meanwhile, when everyone leaves the living room but Timmy who just wishes that his family would start getting along again, he notices a present under the tree that had appeared out of nowhere. There appears to be something moving inside of the present. When Timmy opens the present, he is shocked to find a hideous monster inside. When he alerts his parents, the think he has just created a imaginary monster. When Timmy tells his siblings, the monster follows him and creates a mess in the bedrooms and hallway. Their parents then come up stairs and find the hallway is a mess, as they clean up the hallway of the papers, Becky finds the divorce papers. Janice and Donald lie to the kids and tell them that it's just Donald's work papers. They then tell the kids that they must go to there rooms for Janice and Donald would deal with them later.The parents then go to the basement and find feathers everywhere. The monster shows itself to Janice and Donald and starts a fire in the basement. They try to escape through the front door but find themselves snowed in. The monster then cuts the power and the family make there way to the attic and immediately lock themselves in the attic. While in the attic, the Morgan's reminisce about all the fun times they had together as a family before they grew apart and promise that if they get out of the house alive they'll forget about the divorce and become a family again. With the smoke rising up into the basement, the Morgan's desperately try to find a way to escape. After they get out through the attics window they witness the entire house burning on fire. At first, all seemed lost until Timmy brought out a picture of the whole family together and that's when the Morgan's realize that they will all be okay as long as they have each other. That night Santa Claus stops by the house's rubble and calls the monster back to him, revealing that he made Timmy's wish come true, to get the family back together.

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