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Grieger (Dark Signer)

Greiger is a minor villain from the television Show Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. He was originally a duelist hired by Rex Goodwin to test the power of the signers during the Fortune Cup, but later became a Dark Signer when he found out that Rex Goodwin was the one who destoryed his home village. As a Dark Signer, Grieger wields the dark sign of the Whale.



Attending the Fortune Cup

Dueling "Luna"

Dueling Yusei

Becoming a Dark Signer

Dueling Crow Hogan


Greiger wields both a ground deck and a turbo deck. Both of Greiger's decks are Reactor decks. These decks wield Monster Reactor SK, Trap Reactor Y FI, and Spell Reactor RE, which can combine for form Flying Fortess SKY FIRE. However when Greiger became a Dark Signer, his turbo deck was simliar, but had a few differences. An excample is having the Dark Synchro monster; Dark Flattop, and his strongest monster; Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua.


  • Greiger is the only Dark Signer that was defeated by a duelist that wasn't a Signer.

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