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Soon every major city in the U.S. will be engulfed in a sea of flames!
~ Barrows' first words before battling the U.S. Army and VSSE

Gregory Barrows is the main antagonist of Time Crisis 4. He is the leader of the Bio-Weapons Special Ops Unit, often referred to as the Hamlin Battalion.

Time Crisis 4

In the events of the game, the U.S. Army receives information that a bio-weapon known as the "Terror Bites" are being seized by a terrorist organization, presumed to be W.O.L.F., Western Order Liberation Front. Later in the story, it turns out that the terrorists the VSSE and the U.S. Army are not W.O.L.F., but a group of disgruntled American soldiers plotting to destroy the country.

As Giorgio, Evan, and Rush head off to reach a weapons research facility before the Hamlin Battalion gets there, they engage a high ranking member of the Hamlin Battalion in a gunfight and fistfight but find that they are too late to arrive as the door holding the Terror Bites opens. The trio then receive word that the Hamlin Battalion has taken control of an air force base in Colorado and are now using it as a headquarters.

The trio soon learn that they have taken over the AFB because there are UCAV prototypes armed with nuclear missiles and are planning to use them to nuke the entire U.S. When they arrive, they are confronted by Wild Dog again, but Wild Dog is soon defeated. Giorgio, Evan, and Rush eventually reach the UCAV hangar where they are confronted by Barrows himself. An all-out war erupts between the VSSE agents, the National Guard, and the Hamlin Battalion and eventually Barrows retreats to higher ground. The National Guard members then form a man-made staircase to continue fighting Barrows and to stop the UCAVs from reaching their targets. In the end, Barrows is defeated and the nuclear missiles harmlessly self-destruct as they launch from the UCAVs by being pressed by a big red button.

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