There is no such a thing as monsters.
~ The father to Gregory

Gregory's Father is the main antagonist of the 2009 short film, Behind Closed Door. He is the abusive father of Gregory.

He was voiced by Jonathan Button who also played Evil Gregory.


At night, small Gregory is woken up by a strange sounds coming out of his wardrobe. As soon as his father, driven mad by noises, enter the bedroom, Gregory tells him about a monster in the wardrobe, but the father doesn't believe in such things and orders the boy to be silent.

Next evening, the drunk father returns home from the tavern and complains about the mess in the house, breaking dishes and other items all around. After he orders Gregory to go into his room, he gets so mad and beats his wife, harming her severely.

As he pushes her against the door, she stays lying on the ground, not moving, much to Gregory's horror. When the father realizes the boy was standing behind the door all the time, he want to hit him as well, but Gregory is angry and quickly walks back into his room, followed by his father.

However, the bedroom appears to be empty. Suddenly, the father hears some noises from the wardrobe and he opens it hoping to find his son inside. Much to his shock, he is attacked by a strange creature who jumps from the wardrobe in no time. The monsters bite the father to his left shoulder mortally and leave him to die in blood. Realizing the creature looks like his son, only with deformed, demonic face, the father calls him a monster. However, the creature only repeats his own words when it says there is no such a thing. The father then dies and the creature turns back into Gregory.