Gregorio Casal is the secondary antagonist in the Disney Channel's Original Latin-American series Violetta. He is the dance choreographer of Studio 21 who is bent on becoming director and defeating his nemesis, Pablo Galindo. He is portrayed by Reberto Perriera.


Season 1

Gregorio works as a teacher in Studio 21, When his archenemy Pablo became appointed as director while he , Gregorio grew extremely jealous and becomes bent on overthrowing and taking his place. He also developped a keen hatred towards Beto's new assistant, Tomas Heredia, who keeps injuring Gregorio and destroying his property by accident. Gregorio feels determined to expel Tomas and repeatedly keeps for an excuse to do so, even backmailing a student (namely Andres and Broduey) to be his spy and accomplice. Though he succeeds in overthrowing Pablo at one point, Pablo eventually returns to the Studio because the children love him much to Gregorio's dismay. When the studio starts losing its fund, Gregorio hires a man named Marotti to host a reality show named "Talents 21" in an attempts to attract attention; although, Gregorio disapproves when a new Italian exchange student named Federico joins the show. Gregorio tries to sabotage the End-Of-The-Year Show, but Antonio catches Gregorio and fires him on the spot.

Season 2

Gregorio attends a therapist named Dr. Dupre to vent his anger for being unemployed. At the start of the new year, Gregorio tries to get revenge by pretending to be a ghost haunting the Studio. Despite being caught, Gregorio convinces Antonio to rehire him and gets his job back as dance choreographer. However, he is now forced to share his class with Antonio's attractive neice, Jackie Saenz, whom Pablo is dating. Gregorio learns that Beto likes Jackie too and starts giving him advice. Gregorio hires a pianist named Jeremiah Castelli (who, unbeknownst to everyone is Violetta's father in disguise) to help out in the class. At the end of the season, Gregorio finds out he has a son named Diego whom he had with his ex-wife Carmella Hernandez in Spain.


  • His last name is French
  • He names his rubber ball Betuka
  • He used to do concerts in Spain
  • He has a son named Diego