Greg Portman is the main villain in the 1992 film The Bodyguard.

He is portrayed by Tomas Arana, who also portrays Mason Cole in Derailed.


Portman was hired to kill Academy Award-nominated singer/actress Rachel “Rach” Marron by her jealous and drug addicted older sister Nicki, who ironically didn't know his identity. Portman sent death threats against Rachel and even tried to kill her son Fletcher. After Fletcher was almost killed, Nicki realized the hitman would kill anyone to get to his target, including her beloved nephew. Frank Farmer, a former agent, was hired by her manager to protect Marron. Portman joined the team to kill Rachel easily. Portman then murdered Nicki, who tried to get him to stop. Frank later discovered that Rachel's stalker and the hitman were two different men.

At the 67th annual Academy Awards when Rachel attended it and received the award as Best Actress, Portman revealed his true colors to Tony and attempted to kill Rachel with a gun concealed within a camera. However, Frank noticed this in time and protected Rachel from the shot, then proceeded to shoot Portman in the chest and then finally through his camera, causing a small explosion that kills him.