Here's the part you may find deranged, deranged, deranged. To melt all the sweets into a candy creature, so now candy will eat kids for a change, change change.
~ Greg, revealing his plan to Secret Squirrel

Greg is a deranged gingerbread man in the Super Secret Secret Squirrel segment: Greg.

He seeks vengeance for having his leg chomped off by a little fox girl. He sends an army of sugar ants to steal all the candy to create a giant gingerbread monster in the hopes that it would eat all the children for a change.

History Edit

Greg was made by a fox mother in a small cottage who gave him two gum drops for eyes and dungarees of marzipan cake.

She gave him to her daughter who loved him and gave him the name Greg. But Greg looked too tasty and the fox girl chomped off his right leg.

Greg fled and replaced his leg by making one from a chocolate chip cookie and supported it with a candy cane.

Seeking vengeance, he sent an army of sugar ants to steal all the sweets from stores and take them back to his hideout underground so he could use it to create a giant candy creature that would eat children for a change.

However his plan was thwarted by agent Secret Squirrel and his assistant Morocco Mole who broke into his hideout and ate the creature bit by bit until there was nothing left.

Angry that there was nothing left to eat, the ants turned on Greg who was now the only edible thing left and ate him up with his final words being "My scheme for glory is undone. Tonight by chance, chance, chance, this tale ends unhappily ever after, thanks to these ants, ants, ANTS!"

As for the ants, Secret Squirrel turned them into sweets and handed them to his Chief in a boz of his favourite sweets Crunchy Munchy

Personality Edit

Greg is seemingly unhinged when he lost his right leg after being eaten by a child and decided that he would turn the tables on children from that moment on, letting no one stand in his way.

He also likes to talk in rhymes with the last part being said three times.