Greg was 1337f0x's partner in Smashtasm (Melee) but turned evil due to his love of abusing Hacksand is the main antagonist of Smashtasm (Melee) and the cause of Smashtasm (Brawl)'s events.

Smashtasm Season 1

Greg was best friends with 1337f0x until the day he decided to become a malicious hacker. An admin attempted to ban him, but Greg's hacks where too strong for the Admin and 1337f0x was forced to hack fight Greg, 1337f0x defeated Greg and managed to ban him.

Greg managed to un-ban himself and returned to battle 1337f0x with their strongest hacks but the surver kept freezing, when they finally did battle Greg one, but 1337f0x made a deal with him, the two Hackers would train two noobs and give them hacks to fight each other, the losers would be banned. Greg trained Killa7 and gave him the Giga Bowser hack to fight against Super64 with the super speed hack. Killa7 managed to knock Super64 of the stage after a long battle and Greg told 1337f0x to jump of the stage and be banned.

Super64 then revealed that he had survived using the Super Cape and attacked Killa7, knocking him off the stage and banning him.

1337f0x the told Greg to do as the deal said and jump of the stage, but Greg stated that he had never plannedon honouring the deal and was about to attack 1337f0x and Super64 when Pimpachu, PrinceRok and BlakBerri smashed him and Lamp dealt the finishing blow, banning Greg once and for all.

Smashtasm Season 2

Greg's defeat caused Girem6 to become angry, as Greg was his idol and create the Gire Hack Force to get revenge on the ones who defeated him. It is possible that Girem6 is Greg as his name rearanged is imGre6.<null></null><null> </null><null></null><null></null><null></null><null></null><null> </null>