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King Humpty Dumpty is the main protagonist villain of the 1936 classic cartoon, Greedy Humpty Dumpty.


Humpty Dumpty is incredibly wealthy, sitting on his gold every day. But it's not enough for him. He wants more and more. As he thinks the sun is made of gold he commands his people to build a wall so that he can reach the sun. He should have listened to his people when they warned him! When Humpty Dumpty attempted to break the sun so gold can come out, instead flames and lightning appeared, attacking Humpty Dumpty. Due to the sun's power, it knocked down Humpty Dumpty's palace wall, causing him to fall and shatter to pieces. The people put the broken shells back on, but when the crown was put back on, Humpty Dumpty collapsed. He is from the comedy vintage public domain cartoon classic, Greedy Humpty Dumpty.


The history of the Humpty Dumpty poem is far more interesting than this cartoon would suggest. It first appeared in print in 1745 and was popularized in America by a clown named George Fox who portrayed the character on stage. Over the 200 years it has been in print, the poem has been modified; the original last two lines were "Neither the courtiers nor the king's men / Could put Humpty back in his place again!"