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The Greed on his normal form.

Greed is a one Seven Deadly Sin mini-bosses from The Binding of Isaac and its remake; The Binding of Isaac: rebirth. He is a reanimated shop keeper with noose cut short. He can appear by change in shops from levels Cave/Catacombs 2 onward.


Greed was unknown time ago Isaac (or other character) that died while of a run, creating a shop keeper.

Greeds behavior

Greed attack by shotting three, fast moving blood projectiles and sumoning two Hoppers (Isaac's bodies without a head). His blood projectiles, when damaging player, will make him/her to lose 3 coins then spawn 2 coins to the floor. This applies also to his contact damage.

Super Greed

Super Greed is a upragaded version of the Greed and one of the seven deadly sins. He can be found in shops by change, replacing his normal version. He can be distinguished from normal Greed by two pennies in his eyes and a dollar sing in his forehead.

Super Greeds behaviour

Super Greed behaviour is same as Greeds, only shooting four shot instead of three. Also summoning Keepers instead of Hoppers.

Ultra Greed

Ultra Greed is the Ultimate version of the Greed and the only version of the three to be a last boss (for Greed mode).


Ultra Greed is the largest of the Greeds with much bulkier appearince. He got two coins with severall different printings, angry-looking face, some scars and stitches and a large X in his forehead.

His wide mouth has a pearls as theet in his lower jaw and his buttcheecks more visible than any other bosses.

Ultra Greeds behaviour

Upon entering the room, Ultra Greed will be hanging in the roof by a noose, that he will cut off, dropping to the land. All damage done before the Landing will do nothing.

After the landing, Ultra Greed will do variety of attacks while wandering around the room.

  • Stomps land four times, summoning an Keeper with each stomp. Only for Keepers can be summoned.
  • Rushes towards player if he/she is in the line of sight.
  • Shots coins in either orginized pattern or clustered like Monstro.
  • Spins while shothing coins in all directions
  • Stops moving to spin his eyes. The marks on his eyes will summon certain types of big coins with special effects. All summoned coins can be destroyed.

If both eyes show keys, will coins with keys printed on them appear. If not destroyed in time, they will open golden doors in the boss room, spawning Greed Grapers.

If both eyes show bombs, will coins with bombs appear that will explode if not destroyed in time.

If both eyes show hearts, will coins with hearts appear that will heal Ultra Greed if not destroyed in time.

If eyes show two different (e.g. bomb and key) will spinning coins without anything printed on them appear. Unlike other coins, they will deal contact damage and last longer.

  • If theres too much enemys or/and coin, will he go to defence state that will make all damage dealt to him drop drasticaly. This state will go off, if enough enemys are killed.

All damage dealt by him will be one heart and coin stealing. If he moves over normal coins, will he heal himself for 4.375 HP. When Ultra Greed heals or is low health, he will go in state of angred, turning into red. While he is red, his attack and movement speed be increased. If this state was turned on by healing, it will disapear.


  • At The Binding of Isaacs offical tumblr page was stated that;
Shop keepers are dead Isaacs from past runs and Greeds are reanimated shop keepers.
~ Edmund McMillen
  • Its unknown how shop keepers are reanimated to become Greeds, but it posible that when blowing up the shop keeper at any level from caves/catacombs 2, can a Greed be spawned by a change. this also would mean that Greeds are just shop keepers that got enough coins to be reanimated as greeds.
  • This could also mean that the stronger versions of the Greed are just more richer shop keepers.