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The Great Warz is Zangyack's most powerful war mecha. After numerous failures to seize Earth due the interferance of the Gokaigers, Emperor Ackdos Gill had two of his Dogormin bodyguards deliver Great Warz to the Gigant Horse in order to eliminate the pirates and get the invasion back on track.

An extremely agile mecha, Great Warz was able to dodge and avoid Machalcon's attacks with ease. It's armament includes a bow on its left arm that fires the Warz Arrows attack and sword blade on its right arm for melee attacks. Its ultimate attack is the Warz Guilty, a powerful energy wave fired from its torso.

Upon recieving the machine, Warz Gill, desperate to prove his competence, decided to personally pilot it against the Gokaigers, much to the shock of Damaras who desperately attempted to convince the prince otherwise. After ordering Barizorg to draw them out, Warz appeared in Great Warz and engaged GokaiOh, GoZyuJin, and Machalcon; easily blasting Machachon back to the Machine World and defeating even Gozyu Gokaioh with ease. However, the Gokaigers recovered and after finding their own Greater Power, formed Kanzen GokaiOh, which obliterated Great Warz and in the process, killed Warz as well.



  • The Great Warz resembles Dora Talos from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and it being given to Warz Gill by his father is like how Kai (Bandora's son), Bandora's son, got Dora Talos. Like Kai, piloting the mecha lead to Warz's death at the hands of the Sentai team's ultimate Mecha.
  • Its resemblance to its pilot is similar to both the Kong system used by Deathdark in Goggle V or the Neo-Crisis, Gien's final mecha in Timeranger.

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