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Great Thing

WARNING! A huge battleship -Great Thing- is approaching fast.
~ Darius announcer

The Great Thing is a recurring boss in the Darius series, appearing in all games, usually as a final boss. Great Thing is one of the main flagships of the Belser Army, being one of the main commander ships. It is directly based on the original Thiima battleship, from which Belser stole the technology to create their own battleships. It is shaped after a sperm whale.

Great Thing is well known for being one of the hardest bosses in all games it appears, going all out from the start. It has cannons all over it's massive body, allowing it to shoot in all directions. It also attacks with anchor-shaped drones that home in onto nearby targets and small drones that explode into dangerous clusters when destroyed. It's signature weapon is a set of drill-like warheads that it fires from the bow.



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