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The Great Terror is the tertiary antagonist (later supporting protagonist) in the 2011 DreamWorks movie Puss in Boots. It comes from the Jack and the Beanstalk legend. The animal is a giant goose, and it is the main creature in the land where the Beanstalk connects. The Great Terror is first seen when Puss, Kitty and Humpty go to the kingdom and see a towering giant creature whose eye is the only thing seen. Later, when they have escaped, Puss is arrested but he meets the legendary Jack in jail, who warns him of the Great Terror. He says it will come for its offspring and to be prepared.

The Great Terror comes for the infant that Puss has taken back with him and it arrives in the town and causes havoc, smashing buildings apart and becoming confused and angry at the amount of golden eggs the town has. The creature calls for its offspring and Puss and Kitty fight the Great Terror but are no match for her. Soon, the Great Terror is left hanging off a broken bridge, with Puss trying to fight her, and Humpty sacrifices himself so the infant can go home. Touched by this, the Great Terror takes back its offspring and the dead Humpty (who turns out to be a golden egg) and flies back to its homeland.

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