Surprised? But why should you be? My young subjects, you will be the first to witness the divine miracle!
~ Great Redips

Great Redips, also known as "God Redips", is the alternate and ultimate form of Redips and the final boss of Mega Man X: Command Mission.


After merging with the Supra Force Metal, Great Redips became power-hungry, as well as developing a god-complex - opting to rule the entire universe itself.


Once in the Orbital Elevator Babel, X finds Redips using a bizarre machine to emower himself with the Supra-Force Metal recovered from the missile and Epsilon's body. After admitting he was using X to acquire the metal, he declares his intent to use the Supra-Force Metal to evolve strong enough to rule the entire universe and transforms into a giant battle body.

At first, Redips' regenerative and barrier abilities prove too much for X and his friends. Surprisingly, a repaired Ferham comes in and rips out Redips' regenerative Supra-Force Metal fragment, greatly weakening him to the point where X was able to defeat him, turning him back to his original form. With his dying breaths, Redips tells X, Zero, and Axl that, due to their unwillingness to evolve, they are the ones that should be considered Mavericks. Afterwards, Ferham takes the Supra-Force Metal she stole, jumps off to space, and self-destructs in order to eliminate it.

Powers and Abilities

Aided with the power of regeneration and barrier abilities of the Supra Force Metal, Great Redips became absurdely strong to the point that X and his allies were having a hard time againsts him.

However if the Supra Force Metal is removed, he becomes weakened, which would lead to his downfall.