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The Time of the Great Pumpkin
"You should let the Great Pumpkin eat you."
~ The Great Pumpkin
Robot Chicken O Great Pumpkin02:56

Robot Chicken O Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin
is the main antagonist of the short "The Time of the Great Pumpkin" in Robot Chicken.

The Great Pumpkin is summoned by Linus Van Pelt, when he finally grew tired of waiting for him to give him presents. He brings him to life by using a chicken and a satanic ritual. However, the Pumpkin brutally murders him instead. He is buried the next day, and the (no longer still-living) Sally Brown with him. Soon, he began to slaughter the other children including Lucy Van Pelt when she was in the middle of her psycharitrist meeting with Charlie Brown. He then tries to eat Charlie, but he is saved by the Kite-Eating Tree, who devours the Great Pumpkin. Charlie then wishes his slain friends eternal rest, but they are shown dancing in Hell with Satan. This short was noteworthy, because it was rather dark and disturbing, and the Great Pumpkin was actually a very menacing villain who tried to kill the main characters, even if they were parodies.

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