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The Great Potato Cult were antagonists in the popular sitcom series, Dinosaurs - they appeared for only one episode and were a parody of religious fundamentalism as well as the way governments use religion as a means to manipulate the masses.

The Great Potato Cult was a product of the corrupt nature of Pangea's government, who often made rash or immoral decisions on a whim, deciding that dinosaurs were losing faith in religion they opted to select an official "state religion".. resulting in the concept of a divine potato-deity known as "The Great Potato".: any who opposed the cult were harassed and ultimately the cult degenerated into a Witch Hunting mentality and attempted to burn "heretics" at the stake (in this case Earl and Robbie).

They were eventually defeated when a gust of wind blew out the flames, making them doubt the Great Potato and the religion was disbanded.


  • The defeat of the cult can be seen as a divine intervention of sorts designed to show the residents of Pangea how destructive and foolish they were being, if this was true it still didn't not stop the inevitable destruction of Pangea by its corrupt government (however it did help to end the insanity of the Great Potato Cult).
  • The Great Potato Cult is similar to how religion was handled in the medieval period, where it was twisted into a political tool rather than a spiritual one : the negative impact this had remains in the modern world with "hell and brimstone" societies and fringe movements.
  • while a parody the topic the episode tried to address was that people can end up being brainwashed into believing outrageous and dangerous things, which if left unchecked can result in extremist societies forming.

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