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The Great Ones are a race of eldritch god-like entities that reside with the universe of Bloodborne.



Their motives, tactics and way of thinking defy human understanding, but it is implied that they are "sympathetic" in nature. The Great Ones either directly or indirectly caused the Scourge of the Beast, a blood-borne affliction tracing back to contaminated blood found within the lost labyrinth of Pthumeru. This plague was used as an outlet by the Great Ones as an attempt to find a surrogate for their lost children, as it is stated that Great Ones want children, but they inevitably lose their own children and yearn for a surrogate.

Known Great Ones

Powers and Abilities

As beings from a higher plain, Great Ones all share immortality, super-strength, stamina and a strong connection to the realm of Nightmares. Their other powers vary in variety and magnitude, ranging from teleportation and minion creation to formlessness and omnipotence within their own domain.

However, as most are still flesh-and-bone based, they can easily be killed as any mortal creature with the right skills and weapons.



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