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You are an extension of the Ro-Man, and a Ro-Man you will remain. Now, I set you into motion. One: destroy the girl. Two: destroy the family. Fail, and I will destroy you!
~ Great Guidance

The Great Guidance (also called Great One) is the true main antagonist of the 1953 film Robot Monster. He is the leader of Ro-man's race and the one who gave Ro-Man the mission to exterminate humanity. He is even more cruel and merciless with humans than Ro-Man and he doesn't tolerate that his henchmen could act as one of them.

He is portrayed by George Barrows and voiced by John Brown.


He appears in a few scenes in the movie, constantly ordering Ro-Man to kill all humans. When Ro-Man refuses to kill Alice, he kills him with his ray by punishment and, in his wrath, starts to destroy the planet, release dinosaurs and create massive earthquakes. In the final scene, when all the events of the film appears to have been Johnny's dream, The Great Guidance is shown heading out of his cave just before the film's ending.

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