Great General Darkness is the main antagonist of the All Together! 7 Kamen Riders!! special and the final antagonist of the Kamen Rider Stronger series overall.

He is portrayed by Shinzō Hotta, who also would go on to play General Monster in Kamen Rider (Skyrider)


Great General Darkness is a surviving member of the Delza Army who led a Revived Kaijin Corps comprised of several Black Satan Kikkaijin and Delza Army Majin. He had his Kaijin disguise themselves as fake monsters in a Kamen Rider roadshow that was attended by the 7 Kamen Riders (1, 2, V3, Riderman, X, Amazon, and Stronger). However, it is soon revealed that the Kaijin onstage are in fact real, prompting the 7 Riders to transform to save the crowd.

Darkness was later confronted by the 7 Riders in his hideout underneath a giant stadium and destroyed by their combined powers.