What would you do with one sick little island?
~ Sergeant Farrel theorizes (correctly) that the Outbreak is not global

Due to the countrywide pandemic of the Rage Virus and the invasion and conquest of The Infected, the entire island of Great Britain becomes the staple in 28 Days Later as well as 28 Weeks Later.


Great Britain was home to the Celts for many centuries, and after them the Romans, and after them the Vikings, Jutes, and Saxons. Many historical events took place in Britain, most notably the Slave Trade. Great Britain also sought to become a global Empire in the eighteenth century and invaded, crushed, conquered, and commited vast acts of genocide on other nations.

Great Britain has had an extremely long and bloody past. Its prominent country, England, formed after the invading Angles settled there, has never got on with its rival, Scotland. To the point where genocide and wars have been fought between the two. Of course, the fact Britain's first inhabitants were the Celts did not help. They loved invading peoples as far away as China.

Some Moors (black-skinned natives of North Africa) even settled in Britain for awhile, where they were volunteers helping construct Hadrian's Wall in the Midlands.

The capitals of Great Britain include London and Edinburgh.

Britain lost its ambition to conquer the world after the twentieth century, where thanks to the Revolution they began expanding their power and robbing other countries of other resources like oil and wood and fuel. But in the universe of 28 Days Later, by the year 2003 they were already a big world power.

Role in 28 Days Later

Great Britain becomes the victim of the Rage Virus when it breaks out of its prison in Cambridge lab, and begins rampaging throughout the island. There is initial confusion, fear and uncertainty, but this gives way to a panicked mass of people trying to escape. Only a small portion of British manage to escape (around a hundred) and the Infected overwhelm and kill/Infect everyone else in the country. This leads to Britain becoming a desolate wasteland full of signs of carnage and destruction.

28 days after the Outbreak of Rage, Great Britain is, for the tiny amount of survivors still alive in the country, a hostile wasteland, because of the armies of Infected that want to kill everybody they see. Hiding is of course extremely difficult for the survivors, because the Infected are drawn to the trace sediments of shampoo and soap the survivors still smell of, even though water is down and they haven't bathed in weeks. The Infected can still track them down and kill them.

Even after another 28 days when all the Infected are dead, there are still the threat of Carriers: humans who are Infected by the Virus, yet show no symptoms.