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Great Aunt Adelaide

Great Aunt Adelaide

"Your children are out of control, Cedric..."

Great Aunt Adelaide, also known as Lady Adelaide Stitch is the main antagonist of Nanny McPhee. She is a vile, evil old woman who is intent on doing what she believes is right for her family, no matter how vile a deed it is. Aunt Adelaide plots to steal one of Cedric Brown's children and take them to the workhouse to ensure proper education and upbringing. She nearly abducts Chrissie, one of the children, but Nanny McPhee saves her and Evangeline, the scullery maid, takes her place. Adelaide has been supporting the Brown family for years, and if Cedric doesn't marry by the next month (since the death of his wife), he would be thrown into debtor's prison and the children would be taken away from him. She is finally defeated when Cedric promises he will marry Evangeline and the two of them do so, bringing the family back together.


  • Aunt Adelaide is played by Angela Lansbury.
  • She is the only villain featured in both the book and the movie.

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